About us

Hello, dear friends, 
Welcome to the web-site of DS Construction Freight Forwarding Company! If you are visiting this web-site, you certainly need help in freight shipment, goods warehousing or customs services. This is our job and we do it the way our customers are sure that their freights would be delivered undamaged, to destination intended and in time. 

We will turn the entire process of freight forwarding, including selection of an optimum route and type of transportation, continuous information sharing, large documentation package, into simple freight shipment from consignor to consignee. Irrespective of the scope of services being purchased, we guarantee the highest quality of services to each of our customers. Thank you for choosing us! 

The company’s purpose is to become the leader on the market of transportation industry and ensure high level of income by rendering high-quality services, reasonable prices and minimum delivery terms to its customers. We created a strong and energetic team of logistic professionals, thus, we can safely state that we are able to implement logistic projects of any type with high quality. 

We seek to treat the requests of our customers with due respect and understanding, to go deep into specifics of their activities to offer them the most optimum solutions.