If you need professional help in registration of customs documents - contact our specialists. We will serve you well! 

Customs clearance is a set of customs operations arising in connection with movement of goods and vehicles through customs border as well as in case of a change in customs mode. Customs services in case of freight registration are rather difficult. Incorrect completion of at least one of document would lead to a number of unpleasant consequences for the shipper. Therefore, completion of documents needs to be treated with special attention. 

Our skilled customs brokers will quickly arrange your freight. We fill in customs documents, arrange and carry out export, import, and transit transactions, issue customs guarantees, advice on all issues of customs formalities. We work Monday to Friday till 19.00 h, Saturday – till 15.00 h. 

  • Customs clearance of consolidated goods;
  • Formation of export declaration (EX1);
  • Registration of transit guarantee (T-1, T-2);
  • Registration of CARNET TIR and CMR bills of lading;
  • Representation of customer in customs in the process of declaration of goods;
  • Submission of freight and its accompanying documents for customs clearance;
  • Registration of customs permits, references, certificates;
  • Consulting regarding customs formalities;
  • Collection of necessary certificates and licenses;
  • Representation of customer in customs and other state authorities (agencies);
  • Consulting of customers on customs issues and optimization of logistics;

You don’t have to take care of completing customs papers, paying custom duties and complete other procedures. Save your precious time and allow our team of customs agents dealing with it all.