DS Construction Company offers you such service as motor transport transportation of dangerous goods in the territory of Russia and Europe. Dangerous goods include any substances, materials, articles, production wastes and wastes of other activities which, owing to their inherent properties, can endanger human life and health, harm to the environment, cause damage or destruction of material values in the process of transportation. 

For transportation of dangerous goods, we use special equipped vehicles, plan individual routes, control freight movement, reload goods, observe requirements set for packaging, etc. Only logistic companies with relevant licenses are entitled to carry out such type of transportation. Whereas drivers shall have special admissions to implement transportation of dangerous goods. 

Categories and subcategories of dangerous goods as well as categories and subcategories of substance danger are stipulated by the state standard specification GOST 19433-88. 

Our experience in the field of freight transportation guarantees high-quality motor transportation of dangerous goods on the required route. We implement permanent transportation control, observe every rule of transportation of dangerous goods, and have all the permits and means for motor transportation of dangerous goods.