Freight trucks are the most flexible method of transportation. They can transport freights of various size and weight and deliver freights directly to the place of destination (door-to-door). Freight trucks make it is possible to organize the most convenient freight transportation for customers, i.e. road haulage. Freight transportation in freight trucks allows delivering freights to any hard-to-reach area from any corner of the world since it can be both an independent type of freight forwarding services and a part of multimodal transportation. 

Based on our traditions and experience in the field, we guarantee professionalism, responsibility and reliability in processing of all the orders. 

The well-functioning system of road transportation and timely freight delivery are one of the main principles of success of any business. DS Construction Company will assist you in fast and high-quality organization of freight shipment by road transportation both internationally and in the Russian Federation. High quality of services will ensure success for each of our customers. 

Since 2008, DS Construction Company provides a full range of high-quality freight transportation services. We work in the field of any types of transportation, including oversized, multimodal, consolidated goods (LCL), design transportation, transportation of dangerous goods; we transport by sea, air as well as railway and road transportation. 

We provide different types of international shipping services:

  • Door-to-door freight transportation
  • Daily submission of information regarding freight location
  • Freight insurance
  • Scheduled freight shipment, predicted road haulage delivery dates
  • Oversized transportations
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Transportation of full and partial freights

Beside dry land transportations, DS Construction Company renders a number of additional services including freight loading, registration of export/import and accompanying documents, freight customs clearance. 

Motor transport freight transportation has the following benefits:

  • Very fast and timely delivery
  • Selection of individual route;
  • Door-to-door freight transportation;
  • Responsibility and smooth work of the company’s experts;
  • Full freight control in the process of transportation;
  • Flexible route planning;
  • High level of economic feasibility;
  • Optimum price and delivery date ratio;
  • Transportation of freights in sealed packaging;
  • Freight transportation to specified consignee address;

Transportation of consolidated goods (LCL)

One of the most important components of our activities is transportation of consolidated goods. Consolidated goods implies consolidation of several orders in one vehicle for passing delivery to a certain destination. Prompt development of small business implies the tendency of a stronger cooperation between companies from different countries, which requires improvement of freight transportation schemes. A professionally consolidated transport and experienced drivers ensure fast collection and delivery of consolidated freights across the entire Europe, Russia and the Central Asia. 

Decisions regarding consolidated goods help customers in reacting to requirements of the market with a greater flexibility, maintaining the required level of range of goods, and reducing transportation costs.

Consolidated goods - benefits of transportation:

  • Freight transportation to remote regions of Russia
  • Regular freight flows from all corners of Europe
  • Consolidated warehouses in the Western Europe
  • Shipment with no limitations in terms of weight and volume

Transportation is not only cargo hauling from point A to point B. This service also includes warehousing, sorting, packaging, and distribution. JSC DS Construction has a strong logistic base for transportation of consolidated goods and warehousing. Therefore, the company offers high-quality logistics services under attractive conditions.

Full truck road freight services (FTL)

  • Transportation of oversized cargoes;
  • Transportation of standard and bulk goods (up to 24 t) in tarpaulin semitrailers;
  • Transportation of high cube cargoes (up to 115m3) in road trains;
  • Transportation of high cube cargoes (up to 120m3) in megatrailers;
  • Transportation of temperature sensitive freights, transportation in refrigerator trucks;
  • Transportation of marine containers in motor transport;
  • Transportation of international dangerous goods (ADR);

Routes of cargo transportation: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, etc.

Transportation and transshipment of oversized and heavy cargoes, order of required permits, escorting

  • We transport and transship oversized and heavy cargoes using dry land, sea and railway transport.
  • We perform door-to-door transportation of project cargoes in the Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
  • We cooperate with all the terminals and stevedoring companies of Klaipėda port.
  • We cooperate with the largest floating crane operators in the Baltic and Northern Seas area.
  • We organize registration of permits required for transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes through the territory of Lithuania and other countries.
  • We select the safest route depending on cargo size and requirements of the countries through the territory of which the cargo would be transported.
  • We organize special escort of oversized and heavy cargoes.

Transportation of marine containers by motor transport

  • Using our own motor transport we transport all types of marine containers (20 ‘, 20‘FR, 20‘RF, 20‘TC, 30 ‘, 30‘TC, 40‘DV, 40‘FR, 40‘HC, 40‘HCPW, 40‘CS, 40‘HCRF, 45 ‘, 45‘CS, 45‘RF, etc.).
  • We transport containers to the Baltic States, Poland, other EU countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.
  • We transport marine containers with dangerous goods (ADR).
  • We transport heavy and oversized marine containers.
  • We transport marine containers using elevating container chassis from/to ports of the Baltic States and Western Europe.
  • We deliver containers to any city of Lithuania within 12 hours as of the moment of receiving an order.
  • We cooperate with all the container lines.
  • We advise on any questions regarding container transportations free of charge.

Freight transportation by megatrailers

MEGA-semitrailers are exceptional in their width and height. Their size allows transporting wider or higher cargoes in an enclosed motor transport in a more rational and compact manner. Such semitrailers are distinguished by their height standard since the entire top can be elevated by 0.5 m over the standard position to enable loading. We can transport machinery and/or equipment 3.00 m high that cannot be placed into standard semitrailers. Sides of the semitrailers are made of curtain tent which can be quickly pushed to the sides for freight loading, whereas the back doors enable faster freight loading and unloading through the semitrailer rear side. 

Our MEGA-semitrailers, along with the above exceptional height parameters, are also distinguished by width parameter, i.e. the mechanism located in the back of the semitrailer allows expanding the back doors up to 3.20 m. This means that we can load through the back doors and transport the freights over 2.60 m wide (up to 3.20 m wide with additional permits). 

Our MEGA-semitrailers are suitable for transportation of various mechanisms (tractors, combined harvester, stacking tracks, machine tools, etc.) because their height allows transportation of mechanisms under a tent, which is a safer and more reliable mode of transportation than transportation in an open-top semitrailer. 

All the vehicles are equipped with tracking system which allows tracking cargo and truck movement route and direction day and night.

Freight transportation in refrigerator trucks

Freight transportation in refrigerator trucks is an instant transportation with ensured maintenance of temperature mode required for certain cargo during the entire period of transportation. 

Wide temperature range varying from -25 to + 25 allows both summer transportation of frozen cargoes and winter transportation of cargoes requiring room temperature mode. The structure of modern isothermal bodies allows avoiding temperature jumps that can damage freights during transportation. DS Construction can offer refrigerator trucks both for transportation from Europe to the Baltic States and transportation to Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Since in refrigerator trucks we most frequently transport food products, beverages, medication, paint, etc., all the vehicles offered by DS Construction correspond with sanitary, safety and other necessary requirements. Wide variety of vehicles enables us performing the orders of any scope in a timely, high-quality and prompt manner. At the customer’s request we can deliver long-distance freights in the shortest time possible. This is an additional guarantee of your freight’s safety!