Warehouse is a complex engineering structure designed for stock management at different points of logistic network and implementation of specific functions of storage and transformation of material flow in general. 

DS Construction Company offers high-quality warehousing services in the field of safe storage. Safe storage is an entire set of freight safety, cargo handling and escorting operations. Our warehouse is located in Lithuania, Vilnius, which is a favorable geographical location - airport, customs office located nearby; it is an excellent point of transport access. The city connects the EU countries with Belarus and other Eastern European countries. Location of the customs warehouse, convenient access, and high quality of the services makes our company an attractive partner. 

We offer you the following range of warehousing services: 

  • Handling operations
  • Safe storage
  • Freight transshipment
  • Non-standard freight handling operations:
  • Possibility of freight repacking (paper, stretch film, adhesive tape);
  • Weighing,
  • Formation of cargo dispatch, marking of goods
  • Selection and consolidation of orders
  • Control of quantity, integrity of packaging and condition of goods
  • Accounting of warehoused goods
  • Long-term and short-term storage of goods in customs and commercial warehouse and in free territory
  • Pre-transportation cargo completion
  • Cargo handling in the evening, at night and on the days off is possible. 

At least three types of freight flows are handled in the warehouse; these are incoming, outbound and local freights. Incoming freights require unloading the vehicles, inspecting quantity and quality of the freight delivered, verifying shipping documents, etc. Outbound freights require loading the vehicles, preparing shipping and freight documents. Local freights require movement and cargo handling of inventory items within the warehouse and registration of warehouse documents.

The main functions of the warehouse are as follows

  1. stock concentration and storage ensuring continued production or procurement in case of limitations related to sources of resources and fluctuations in consumer demand;
  2. consolidation of freights, which implies consolidation of freights to larger combined shipment to the consumers in the territory of the same sales area;
  3. fragmentation of freights, which implies sorting cargo to smaller batches to be shipped to several customers;
  4. range structure management implies product range accumulation and formation in expectation of consumer orders with subsequent sorting according to orders;
  5. completing of freight shipment implies resorting of freights received from suppliers and their consolidation to shipments to be delivered to consumers
  6. services, namely:
  • material (delivery), marking, packing, packaging, etc.;
  • organizational and commercial entering into agreements with freight agencies, preparation and delivery of shipping documents, informing on crediting, lending of storage goods, realization of excessive tangible assets by means of redistribution or for sale on commission, etc.);
  • warehouse (acceptance of tangible assets for temporary storage), sorting, leasing of warehouse areas, etc.)
  • transport and operational (forwarding services with unloading). 

Possible options of pre-transportation cargo completion:

  • pallets
  • mixed pallets
  • box

Full set of operations

  • Acceptance of goods to the warehouse. Services include real time acceptance of products by means of hard document copies or radio terminals; inspection of data compliance and correction; application of barcodes; acceptance for safe storage; flexible identification.
  • Placement of goods to storage locations with consideration of necessary requirements. Warehouse operation implies atomated warehousing or warehousing under supervision of supervisory personnel; pre-warehousing preparation of unpacked products, etc.
  • Completing, packing, marking, goods packaging. Services include a set of operations for pre-transportation or pre-storage preparation of products.
  • Composition of accompanying documents. Composition of batch documents is your guarantee that you will safely avoid any problems during customs control.
  • Inventory and stock accounting. This operation allows structuring goods in a system database, organizing routine accounting of products in the warehouse and, what is important, making it as reliable as possible.
  • Local relocation. Bills of lading will be prepared in the course of service rendering. This would allow avoiding troubles with the regulatory authorities.
  • Shipment of goods. Areas of shipment don't allow the goods getting wet or dirty. Deratization and disinfection and control over cleaning of damaged and spilled goods are implemented in a mandatory manner. 

Our warehousing services include all operations intended for keeping your freights safe and locating them in an efficient manner, for arranging all the necessary documents, and controlling any freight movements. We also manage the process of freight loading and shipment using any kind of transportation, we submit surveyor reports regarding condition and exact quantity of freight, and we inspect quality of packaging and in repack the goods or recover packaging, if necessary. 

Storage facilities are equipped with the advanced security and fire-proof systems conforming to the EU standards. All the operations as well as the freights stored in the warehouse are insured.

We guarantee:

  • safety of your freight;
  • speed and quality of the works completed;
  • no unplanned expenses.

Quality, flexibility, and service are three components forming a successful cooperation!